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Baltimore Tower will provide a choice of brilliantly designed and proportioned one, two and three bedroom apartments arranged from level 2 upwards. From levels 2 to 42 the apartment arrangement will remain identical with the exception of an outer balcony ring that will shift and step to the right by nominal degrees. This outer ring will reach its furthest point to the right at level 13, and will gradually return to the centre line (at level 23) before continuing again to its furthermost point on the left at levels 44 and 45.

This innovative momentum will provide variable solar shading and cover for each floor level, in turn generating an enhanced environmental performance whilst creating the building’s distinctive visual twist. In addition to the movement of the balcony ring, the centre apartment core will also rotate at levels 8, 22 and 29 to correspond with the alignment of the balcony ring.

At levels 43 to 45, the tower will feature a split-level brasserie, bar and restaurant providing a fabulous and exclusive setting for casual drinks or formal dining with stunning vistas across Canary Wharf’s iconic skyline. Residents will also benefit from an exclusive private lounge and large screen cinema room on a lower level.

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